Volunteer Requirements

This page is for explanation and  forms for required 15 hours of volunteer/community service for this course (and to graduate!)

Current Events community service – volunteer form

Post volunteer reflection Current Events – form

***Remember this must be completed a minimum of one week before the final exam.  Sooner is better though!***

  1. mcculloughmg says:

    As a heads up you will need to have the newest version of Microsoft office as these documents are “.docx” files. If not there is a free program on Microsoft’s website to convert these when you try to open them. Just search for “microsoft office 2007 converter” in google.

    ~Mr. M

  2. Maria Garcia says:

    so we can choose anything to volunteer for?

  3. Kevin Hoeksema says:

    I have already done all of my volunteer time, but my form got thrown away by accident. I dont have the new Microsoft office, and i cant download it either. My computer wont let me. So could you print a copy off for me?

    • mcculloughmg says:

      You can check with me Tuesday and I will print one off for you at school Kevin. Great to hear you volunteered in your community!

  4. tarqua says:

    so u have to do hours in order to graduate

  5. Maia Greer says:

    So, I’m writing my essay and I don’t think it will end up being four pages long because I write small, but I’ll still have 4-6 paragraphs. Is that okay?

  6. steven finley says:

    mr.mccullough whats the essay? i have all my hours just need the essay

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