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Today we handed in and presented our projects.  Good job one the one’s I got to look at today!  We also analyzed this project with the following questionsL

•What is best about your project?
•Most difficult?
•Would you like to present you findings to the class?  Why?
Finally we watched a clip of “Mean Girls” and analyzed an article by Sociologist Casey Borsch Ph D.  CLICK HERE for a copy of that article and assignment.
Over break do not forget your homework:
Winter Break Homework:

  1. Go to a public place that has many teenagers and observe their behavior for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Try hard not to interact with them during these 15 minutes! Record where you were, social classes, values, interactions (especially relation aggression), and how much/what kind interaction they have outside of their clique(s).

2.  Write a 1 page reaction (agree or disagree) to Dr. Borch’s ideas and findings about teenagers and cliques.  You must include

    1. data from your observations
    2. personal examples and experiences
    3. you may include fictional examples from our film.