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Word: Poverty

Def:  Refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education.

Type I:  How do things like poverty and malnutrition impact education for the world’s youth?

Can you help the Guinard family to make ends meet and get ahead in their poverty-stricken homeland, Haiti? In this sometimes tragic and always challenging simulation game, you help the parents, Jean and Marie, and their children, Patrick, Jacqueline, and Yves, make decisions about work, education, community building, personal purchases, and health care that might brighten their future.

STEP 1:  Mute your computer

STEP 2:  Click here, choose education as your goal and play Ayiti

STEP 3:  Please answer these Type II questions in complete sentences and double spaced. (You may want to cut and paste onto a Word document).  Make sure you answer ALL parts of the question to the best of your ability.

1. What was the game about and how would you describe it to a friend?

2. Which primary objective did you select, and why? (Get several answers.)

3. What types of decisions did you have to make about the family members while playing the game and trying to achieve your objective?

4. What strategies did you use? For example, did you combine work and school, or did you send everyone to work? Which worked? Which did not?

5. Why would/should parents choose to devote so much effort to sending their children to school?

6. What obstacles did you face in trying to keep them healthy, happy and educated?

7. How do the situations and options in the game compare with those in your own community?

8. Why might access to education be a challenge in another country?

9. What factors would make it easier for the children in the game to gain access to education? What conditions could be changed and how?

 *If done early please play again with a different goal (health, happiness, or money)*


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