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Word:  Fair Trade Federation

Type I:  What do the images below mean? (you may need to click on picture to enlarge/read)



Utilizing your learning about human rights and fair trade, your task is to create an advertising campaign to encourage the students and families of Loy Norrix to buy fair trade products.  Your items created will be presented in a 2ft X 2ft space in our library on Friday, May 3rd.

Your campaign must include all of the following:

1.  2 catchy slogans that will make people at least think about changing their buying habits.  Think rhymes and/or powerful messages that people want to repeat.  These must be underlined and may be included in another step. (5pts)

2.  A character that both kids and adults will empathize with and will want to support.  Give this character a name and look and use them throughout your advertising campaign. (5pts)

3.  2 posters that could be hung inside or near supermarkets where many purchase decisions are made.  Eye catching clear visuals for those who do not read as well are a must.    Make sure they know what “fair trade” is a how to look for it!  Also see # 1 and 2. (5pts)

4.  A jingle/song/rap of at least 6 lines that can be played on the radio.  Again including # 1 and 2 might be a good idea. (5pts)

5.  A specific fair trade product given and the story of how that product gets to the consumer in a fair manner to all producers involved. (5pts)

All of your advertising must meet the following criteria:

(a) Meaningful – customers should find the message relevant to the lives of the Loy Norrix family.

(b) Distinctive – capture the customer’s attention and be unique.

(c) Believable – a difficult task since research suggests most consumers doubt the truth of advertising, so make it clear and realistic.



EXTRA CREDIT –  Write a short letter to the editor that can be put into the school newspaper encouraging everyone to buy fair trade products and how they can become involved in the fair trade movement.  Must prove this letter was submitted to Knight Life through screen shot or response (10pts)

Websites that may be useful:



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Word: Fair Trade
Def: Fair Trade is a global trade model and certification allows shoppers to quickly identify products that were produced in an ethical manner.
Type I:  What is your power as a consumer of products to encourage ethical procedures?
Table 4 did a great job today presenting global business to us as we talked about the large multinational companies and their good and bad interactions with the people of the world.  In addition we looked at Fair Trade vs. Free Trade and began discussions for our large end of the week “FAIR TRADE FAIR” project.  Please click here for today’s assignment/homework and see video below of example Fair Trade projects from past years.


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Word:  Austerity
Def:  In economics, austerity describes policies used by governments to reduce budget deficits. These policies can include spending cuts, tax increases, or a mixture of the two.
Type I:  Thinking back to our vacations, if you could ask a person in Africa/Middle east 2 questions what would you ask?
Today we Skyped with Ahmed Elbendary in Egypt to compare and contrast American life and economy with that in N. Africa/Middle East.  We also talked about the Arab Spring revolution as spoken about in video below:


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Word:  National Debt
Def:  The amount of money a country owes to others.
Type 1:  Analyze the image below.
Today we analyzed GDP in different sectors of countries through the world and on different continents and then created our own island nation hoping to create the perfect balance .. click here for assignment sheet sheet and click here for data


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Word:  Currency

Type I:  How many different currencies can you come up with and record as a table?

Today we used our ‘dream vacations’ from yesterday to analyze currency and its values and variations from nation to nation.  Click here for sharing/synthesizing worksheet.


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Word:  Gross Domestic Product(Click for def)

Type 1:  Analyze the image below:

CLICK HERE FOR Global-economy-vacation-lesson – BE SURE TO FILL OUT CHART ON PG. 2!!!


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Word:  Global Economy

Type 1:  How do you depend on other nations exports daily, monthly, yearly?

Today we had a group presentation and then we discussed how exports, embargos, tarriffs and imports work in the global marketplace.




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Word:  Human Trafficking

$32 billion per year in international trade
of humans as forced labor, sex slaves or organ/tissue removal.

Type 1: Analyze the image.  What do the words mean?

Today we took a video quiz looking for bias, UDHR violations and examples we’ve learned about in regards to world youth issues in the video below:


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Word:  Child Soldier
Def: Forced or coerced  military involvement of a young person under 18 yr old in war
Type 1: Analyze the image.
Today we talked about and took notes on child soldiers as well as watching a video clip (first mini movie of larger set of films below).  We answered the question “Why did the director decide to end the film the way he did?”


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Word:  Literacy
Def:  The ability to read and write for knowledge and interest, write coherently, and think critically about the written word.
Type 1:  If you could ask 3 questions of a youth from Haiti what would you ask?
Today we had a guest speaker, Rosner Storm, a student from Loy Norrix present in our class about his experience as a youth in Haiti.   We learned about education, living conditions, the earthquake, and favorite pass-times of the youth in Haiti.