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Week of March 25th

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Monday March 25th – Water Main Break Day!

Tuesday March 26th – PLAN testing day class was held in the library.  CLICK HERE to complete Current Events assignment

Wednesday March 27th – CLICK HERE for teacher strike bias assignment.

Thursday March 28th – Click below for the two article about the Supreme Court and the DOMA current event/media literacy lesson.

Click here for media literacy questions for articles below

Article 1

Article 2

All assignments are due the Monday we return from Spring Break.




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Word:  Media
Def:  Main means of communication, as radio television, newspapers, and magazines, and internet that reach or influence people widely.
Type I:  Where do you get your media?  How do you know it is non-biased or from a variety of viewpoints?
Today we discussed where we get most of our media and the pros and cons of “old school” and “new school” media.  We also discussed:
Why is our news/media coverage so narrow in the United States and does this matter?
 Using the media clip from below:


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Word of the day:  Point of view
Definition: The story teller’s or narrator’s position in relation to the story being told.
Type I:  How might a point of view be important when learning about a current event?
Today we watched the video’s below and answered the following 3 questions for each:
1.What is the filmmaker’s perspective about the causes for the food crisis in that specific region?
2.  Who is impacted by the food crisis according to the filmmaker?
3.  Who produced this and where do you see evidence of their point of view?


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Word: BIAS
Def: Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

Type I:  How do you recognize bias? What is an example?

Today we discussed bias and where it can be found in media and news outlets.
Click here for assignment due tomorrow (homework if not completed in class!)


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Today we took our pretest and did a get to know you activity with classmates.  Please take the time to see extra credit int he post below and ask Mr. McC if you have any questions!

Who are you? Extra Credit

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Post a link to an intro video about you that includes 3 unique facts about your life.  Post in the comments section below for 10 pts extra credit toward your homework category!


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Welcome to Mr. McCullough’s Current Events site for trimester 3.   Looking forward to a great trimester of learning and collaboration.

Click here for the syllabus.

Click here for our first assignment, the syllabus scavenger hunt.

Homework:  Don’t forget to get your syllabus singed by a parent/guardian!