Posted: November 19, 2012 by vanallenphil in Uncategorized

Bell work:

How is your project coming along? What did you get accomplished this weekend? What do you have left to do to be successful on this project?

Today we will begin in the classroom. After we complete bellwork, we will go to C-21 to give you time to work on your project.  If you think you are done, look at the questions below to help be sure you have everything you need to get 100%!

Questions to ask yourself to see if your project is actually done:

1) Can someone else look at my visual that represents my definition and understand what it means? (Have someone else look at it!)

2) Do I have enough steps to explain my movement from beginning to end? If I was to disappear, could someone else pick up where I left off?

3) What are my expected results? Will someone else be able to understand them if they see this?

4) What are my two props? Did I make them myself? Could I show them to someone who knows nothing about my movement and would it inform them?

5) Who are my followers? How can I prove that I have all 10 required.  Can it be seen easily?

6) Is everything clearly organized and structured? What can I do to make it more visually appealing / exciting / make people want to see my project?

If your project is done and you have not done so already, you may want to type your Type 3 for your volunteer hours.
If you have both of these done already, see Mr. Van Allen for an extra credit opportunity.


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