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Type 1: Analyze these images. What social movement are these a part of? How did this movement create change?



Today we will be working with Social Movements.  In trying to understand how a social movement gets started, you will be examining three social movements to see what steps they took in order to advance their cause.  You can choose a social movement from the list below, or choose your own school appropriate movement to try and get an understanding of what exactly a social movement is, and how they get their start.

You will need to be in Mozilla Firefox to open this assignment sheet.


Possible Movement Topics — Read through the list, choose the three that sounds interesting to you:


Anti-jock movement

Anti-nuclear movement

Anti-war movement

Anti-globalization movement

Arab Spring Movement

Conservation movement

Counter-culture movement

Counter-terrorism movement

Cooperative movement

Cultural movement

Direct Democracy Now Movement

Disability rights movement

The Dream Act

Environmental justice movement

Environmental movement

Fair Child Treatment Movement

Fair trade movement

Farm to table movement

Food not Bombs movement

LGBT social movements

Men’s rights movement

Non-violence movement

Occupy movement

Occupy Wall Street movement

Right to life movement

Tea Party Movement

To Write Love on Her Arms

Woman’s Choice Movement

9/11 Truth Movement


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