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Type 1: What questions do you have after going through the study guide? How prepared do you feel for the exam?  Which topic do you feel weakest in?
1st and 3rd hours — Today was used as a study opportunity.  Most students went through the Current Events study guide throughout the day and worked to prepare for their final exam tomorrow.
2nd hour — Today was your final exam. Congratulations and great work!


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Type 1: Choose 1 current event we have covered throughout the semester.

A. What was the issue? How can you prove it’s a problem

B. Who was involved (who were the players)?

C. What actions have been taken?

Today we began the Review Study Guide for the Final Exam.


Continue working on the final exam study guide. The more time you spend working on this, the better you will do on the final! Having it 100% complete it worth 10 points on your final exam.

Student Social Movement Fair Success!

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See playlist of video’s below from our Social Movement Fairs.  Tab through the playlist as each hour has two different videos.  Can you spot yourself?



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Today we had excellent presentations from 1st, 2nd and 3rd hour about various movements.  Excellent work everyone! Video and images to follow.

Begin looking over the 8 subject areas (Human Rights, World Youth, Global Economy, Business and Industry, Environment, Technology, Health and epidemics, and International cooperation and Conflict) over break so you can be better prepared for your final!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving break!


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Bell work:

How is your project coming along? What did you get accomplished this weekend? What do you have left to do to be successful on this project?

Today we will begin in the classroom. After we complete bellwork, we will go to C-21 to give you time to work on your project.  If you think you are done, look at the questions below to help be sure you have everything you need to get 100%!

Questions to ask yourself to see if your project is actually done:

1) Can someone else look at my visual that represents my definition and understand what it means? (Have someone else look at it!)

2) Do I have enough steps to explain my movement from beginning to end? If I was to disappear, could someone else pick up where I left off?

3) What are my expected results? Will someone else be able to understand them if they see this?

4) What are my two props? Did I make them myself? Could I show them to someone who knows nothing about my movement and would it inform them?

5) Who are my followers? How can I prove that I have all 10 required.  Can it be seen easily?

6) Is everything clearly organized and structured? What can I do to make it more visually appealing / exciting / make people want to see my project?

If your project is done and you have not done so already, you may want to type your Type 3 for your volunteer hours.
If you have both of these done already, see Mr. Van Allen for an extra credit opportunity.


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Bell work:

Type 1: What is your plan for success on this project? How do you think you can best utilize your time in the lab today?

Today we will starting in the classroom.  We will be completing the back side of the Plan your Movement sheet.


Once this sheet is completed in the classroom, you will graduate down to C-21.  In C-21, you will begin to plan how you will accomplish the steps necessary to have all of the items you need for your project.  This sheet will guide you through the steps necessary to be successful with this project and help you prepare for what you will need to reach your goals.



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Bellwork for 1st hour only–> (1st bellwork of the day) Type 1: Think back on the 8 topics we covered so far this year. Which 3 were the most important/interesting to you and why?

BELLWORK for ALL Current Events classes today (1st, 2nd, 3rd) –> Type 1: Using the three topics you chose in the previous bellwork, think about what we have discussed that has been done to create change in each of the three areas you had selected.

Today we discussed the 2nd half of the video notes sheet, and then moved on to discuss the End of Trimester project.  See below for the videos and the video notes sheet, as well as the end of trimester project sheet.


Video 3

Video 4




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Bellwork (2nd and 3rd hours only — Tomorrow’s 1st bellwork for 1st hour):

Type 1: Think back on the 8 topics we covered so far this year. Which 3 were the most important/interesting to you and why?

Today we had speakers from Jimmy Johns corporate office out of Champagne, Illinois come in and speak.  Their discussion was called “”Real World Skills for a Real Tough World” and worked with students on the steps to applying for a job.  They also brought free Jimmy John’s!

Extra Credit Opportunity : Email Mr. Van Allen(  by 5 pm tomorrow (Thursday 11/15) answering the following question:

What are 5 things you learned from the presentation?


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Bellwork: Type I Analyze the images below. What are they saying about movements past and present?

Today we used the assignment from in the lab to discuss what it takes to start a movement, or social change.  We discussed what it means to be an activist, and what role activists play in societal change.  We also viewed two videos discussing what starts a social movement and who some important 20th century people were that created change. See below for the videos and video questions.

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO QUESTION SHEET — You will only answer the questions for Video 1 and 2


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Type 1: Analyze these images. What social movement are these a part of? How did this movement create change?

Today we will be working with Social Movements.  In trying to understand how a social movement gets started, you will be examining three social movements to see what steps they took in order to advance their cause.  You can choose a social movement from the list below, or choose your own school appropriate movement to try and get an understanding of what exactly a social movement is, and how they get their start.

You will need to be in Mozilla Firefox to open this assignment sheet.


Possible Movement Topics — Read through the list, choose the three that sounds interesting to you:


Anti-jock movement

Anti-nuclear movement

Anti-war movement

Anti-globalization movement

Arab Spring Movement

Conservation movement

Counter-culture movement

Counter-terrorism movement

Cooperative movement

Cultural movement

Direct Democracy Now Movement

Disability rights movement

The Dream Act

Environmental justice movement

Environmental movement

Fair Child Treatment Movement

Fair trade movement

Farm to table movement

Food not Bombs movement

LGBT social movements

Men’s rights movement

Non-violence movement

Occupy movement

Occupy Wall Street movement

Right to life movement

Tea Party Movement

To Write Love on Her Arms

Woman’s Choice Movement

9/11 Truth Movement