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Type 1: Analyze the image below.  What does it say about technology and 21st century students?


Today you will be doing a review of different 21st century websites.
However, when you are finished you will not print it as normal.  You will upload to the new class Wikipage. When you save, make sure you save as LastName_FirstName_Hour_Tech


After you are done with the assignment, see the directions below to upload to WikiPage

Go to vancullough.wikispaces.com

It will ask you to log in.  CLICK HERE FOR USER ID’s AND PASSWORDS User ID’s and passwords are sorted by last name and hour.

After you log in, click the VanCullough Wiki link in the box towards the middle of the screen.  From there, Select your hour, and then follow the on screen directions to upload your post.

EXTRA CREDIT: Watch the presidential debate.  Write a 1 paragraph summary over these two ideas.

DUE: Friday 10-26

1)What were 2 tie ins to our class that the candidates discussed.

2)Why do you think the candidates would have decided to focus on them?

3)Who do you think won the debate? Why do you think this candidate won?


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