Posted: October 16, 2012 by vanallenphil in Uncategorized

Analyze the image below.  What is it saying about energy and how it is currently distributed?


Today we discussed the alternative energy plans for Kalamazoo from the lab on Monday.  The research on Monday turned into debates for today.  We discussed which of the four primary alternative energies (Wind, Solar, Biomass and Hydroelectric) were the most likely to succeed in Kalamazoo.  CLICK HERE FOR THE DEBATE SHEET –The back side of sheet will be used tomorrow for questions about Fracking.

15 point EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY!: Watch the Presidential debate tonight.  List two topics we have covered in class that the presidential candidates are asked about in this “Town Hall” style debate of Foreign and Domestic policy.  Who do you think won the discussion about this topic and why? (You may have to stretch it to make it fit — They may not specifically talk about an issue we have covered, but if you can create an argument about how it relates I will accept it)


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