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Your bellwork is:

Type 1: Analyze the image below. What is it saying the actual cost of bio fuel is? Think about: Bio fuel is made from corn, soybeans, ect.


Today we will be in C-21. You will be building a business.
Be sure you are saving OFTEN! When you open your document, please press SAVE, not just open so it will be saved as a standard Microsoft Word document to your computer.  Save file to your H Drive.

Build a business idea

Chance for 15 points extra credit!

AFTER you have completed your in class assignment, use the site HERE to build a business.  Write  Type III (250 words minimum, no more than 275) afterwords using the following three FCA’s:

1.) Proper JC Formatting (5 pts)

2.) 3 Detains about what you learned (5 pts)

3.) Correct spelling and punctuation (5 pts)

Due Tomorrow 10-09-12 at the beginning of class — I most likely will not ask for them, it is your responsibility to get it to me!


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