Posted: October 4, 2012 by vanallenphil in Uncategorized

Type 1:

Analyze the image below. What is it saying about how America’s debt is spread across the world?


Today we discussed the continent sheet from yesterday.  We then connected it to the idea of a global economy with supply and demand, and how agricultural and industrial goods as well as services are used.  This was done by creating an advertisement poster that explained if you were given an island, how would you set up your economy?  The questions are below:

Type 3

A. How would you structure your own island — how would you divide agriculture, industrial and service jobs to be the most successful?

B. How would you keep your poverty low while still meeting all the needs of your new people?


1. A strong thesis underlined (Cannot include: yes, no, I or because) 5pts

2. Three points to back you up  (#1, #2, #3) 10pts

3. Proper punctuation and grammar. 5 pts


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