Posted: October 3, 2012 by vanallenphil in Uncategorized
Bellwork: Type 1: Analyze the following quote. What is it saying about where we should be as a world of people vs. where we currently are?
“I find that because of modern technological evolution and our global economy, and as a result of the great increase in population, our world has greatly changed: it has become much smaller. However, our perceptions have not evolved at the same pace; we continue to cling to old national demarcations and the old feelings of ‘us’ and ‘them’.” – Dalai Lama
Today we discussed the economy.  We briefly covered supply and demand, globalization and trade. We watched a video explaining the basics of how a Global economy works.
We also watched part of two clips showing visualizations of Supply and Demand
Extra Credit: Watch tonight’s presidential debate.  Give three topics that the presidential hopefuls discuss and why they are a focus for these two men. Do you see any connections to anything we have discussed in class?

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