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Type 1: Analyze the following quote.  What is the connection between food, drugs and fighting?

“…We had to go fight on the front. The days we fought we got food. But if we didn’t go to the front, we weren’t given anything to eat. I fought through the entire war. I don’t know if I killed people, but I fired a lot. I didn’t enjoy it but I had to do it because I had nothing to eat. I was afraid, but when they have me drugs, I was brave.” – Momo (a child soldier in Liberia from the age of 10)

Today we had a debate on several issues about human rights.  Before the debate, there was a worksheet that had to be filled out to be prepared for the debate.  CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKSHEET

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY (10pts): Summarize  UNICEF’s response and plan of action to fix issues with Child Soldiers in 1 paragraph (at least 5 sentences). CLICK HERE FOR THE UNICEF PAGE

No homework other than the above opportunity. Have a great weekend, see you in October!


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