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Today we will be in the library.  Your bellwork is:

Type 1: Analyze the image below


The lab assignment is as follows:

Child Soldiers Template

Directions: You have been hired for VanCullough press.  You are assigned the task of creating a newspaper front page informing readers about the atrocities (wicked or cruel acts) of being a child soldier for our newspaper.  On your front page, you must summarize your answers to the following questions in 3-5 sentence responses with a headline first. Please write your articles in COMPLETE SENTENCES (Other than the headlines – This will be part of your grade!) This must be your OWN ORIGINAL work – while you are doing research, it is not ok to simply copy and paste answers you find on websites. This is plagiarism and will receive a 0 for the assignment, and a trip to the dean of students.

  1. What are “child soldiers?” Where are they used, and by who (Government, militia, ect.)? (4 pts)
  2. How do these armies get children to obey and join the army? Why do they want or even prefer child soldiers? (4 pts)
  3. Why do some children “choose” to join the war? (3 pts)
  4. What kinds of tasks do child soldiers have to do? (3 pts)
  5. What preventive actions have the world and UN taken against the use of Child Soldiers? How is it working? (4 pts)
  6. Why is it so difficult to reintroduce child soldiers into “normal” society? (3 pts)
  7. What are Blood Diamonds, and how do they involve child soldiers? (3 pts)

Some websites to begin with for finding useful information:






Extra Credit: If you’re done early, go back and make your article visually appealing, you may receive up to 5 extra credit points



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