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Today we covered the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in further depth.  The bellwork was:
Type 1: Analyze the following poem.  What does it have to do with the UDHR?

The World We Live In…

Why all the fighting?
Why all the hate?
We’re all part of this world,
It should be safe.

It should be a good background
For our next generation.
No one should judge
Our color, language or religion.

As the Black eyed peas once sang “Where is the love”?,
Black, white, yellow and red.
We all have the same rights,
Its better alive than in war and people dead.

We’re all part of this world,
Together we shall stand.
All should be standing tall and proud,
Hand in hand.


After the poem, we read and analyzed an article from the New York Times about Chinese students being forced to work in factories assisting Apple in making the new iPhone 5.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE. You were asked to find four examples of human rights violations and how they tied into specific UDHR articles. Also, we used a list of the UDHR articles, and converting them from lawyer jargon to “teen speak.” CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKSHEET.

If these two assignments were not completed in class, they are your homework for tonight!


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