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Today we are working in the computer lab. Here is your bellwork for today:

Type 1: What is this image saying about different generations and the news?


Once you complete your bell work, please begin your lab assignment. CLICK HERE FOR THE INSTRUCTIONS.

There is also a suggested template to help you get started. CLICK HERE FOR THE TEMPLATE.




Teen Guide to Media

You have been selected to create a teen guide to understanding the news. Your assignment is to make a five part pamphlet explanation of what other teenagers need to know about media including:

1. Where is the best place to get teen news? (Give at least 3 sources, not
including ones below, 4 pts each)
(Suggested places to start)



2. Who wants to influence you? – (3 examples, 2 pts each)

(Suggested start)


3. How teens get their voices heard /  Teens in the news. – Three examples
(Explain how teens at Norrix could get their voice heard. Then explain 2 teens in the news / teens making a differene such as the teen delegates at Democratic National Convention, other influential teens – No, Justin Beiber doesn’t count. Three examples, 2 pts

Google “influential teens” 1st and 3rd options are a good start

4. Where you can go to learn about bias in the news? – Three sources

Google “Bias in the news”, multiple sources available

5. Why is it important for teens to be informed on the news? (Your own personal reasoning – Must have at least 2 reasons, 5 pts each.)

You are to make a pamphlet answering the 5 questions above. How you make the pamphlet is up to you, whether it is on the computer or drawn. It must be your own original work, and must have the minimum for the five required categories. You have to use sources other than the suggested ones – Those are just to help you get started!



  1. Bobby Boberson says:

    This link does not work. It’s very infuriating. AUUGHGHAUHAFUIGAAAAAAAAA!!!

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