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Today we will be in the lab. The bellwork is:

Type 1: Describe what you see in the image below.  What does it say about the economy of the United States? Does the author think it can recover?

In the lab today we will be working on an assignment dealing with conversion rates

CLICK HERE FOR ASSIGNMENT (Use Mozilla Firefox if your computer has it)

If the assignment fails to open in Word, use the link below

McAllen’s economy vacation lesson



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Type 1: Analyze the following quote.  What is the connection between food, drugs and fighting?

“…We had to go fight on the front. The days we fought we got food. But if we didn’t go to the front, we weren’t given anything to eat. I fought through the entire war. I don’t know if I killed people, but I fired a lot. I didn’t enjoy it but I had to do it because I had nothing to eat. I was afraid, but when they have me drugs, I was brave.” – Momo (a child soldier in Liberia from the age of 10)

Today we had a debate on several issues about human rights.  Before the debate, there was a worksheet that had to be filled out to be prepared for the debate.  CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKSHEET

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY (10pts): Summarize  UNICEF’s response and plan of action to fix issues with Child Soldiers in 1 paragraph (at least 5 sentences). CLICK HERE FOR THE UNICEF PAGE

No homework other than the above opportunity. Have a great weekend, see you in October!


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Today, we watched the original Invisible Children video showing the conditions children have to live in. The bellwork was:

Type 1: Analyze what you see in the image.  What do these words mean?

The video can be found below.  The questions you had to respond to were:

Type 1:
1. Could you do what these students chose to do? Why or why not?

2. Live five of the UDHR and how they are violated.


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Today, we discussed the issues with child labor and education throughout the world.  The bellwork was:

Type 1: Analyze what you see in the images below.

We then took a few notes on education and labor.  After, we discussed where in the world that these issues are most dominant.  CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP SHEET  There was also a blank map attached on the back.  CLICK HERE FOR A BLANK MAP


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Today we discussed the newspaper front page we made in the lab on Monday.  The bellwork was:
Type 1: Analyze the following image, and how does it tie into your newspaper front page from yesterday?

We then took a quiz about child soldiers and the issues students discussed in their newspapers yesterday. We finished up by discussing the different issues students should have learned yesterday about child soldiers, and their role in the world.  We also had great presentations 1st and 2nd hour about the different issues that pertain to “World Youth” our overall topic for this week.  Please see below for an example of an awesome presentation by 2nd hour’s group two on Prezi.

2nd hour table 2 had a great presentation on World Youth today.  Great job Brandon, Cameron, Dontre’, and Tre’ shawn!


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Today we will be in the library.  Your bellwork is:

Type 1: Analyze the image below

The lab assignment is as follows:

Child Soldiers Template

Directions: You have been hired for VanCullough press.  You are assigned the task of creating a newspaper front page informing readers about the atrocities (wicked or cruel acts) of being a child soldier for our newspaper.  On your front page, you must summarize your answers to the following questions in 3-5 sentence responses with a headline first. Please write your articles in COMPLETE SENTENCES (Other than the headlines – This will be part of your grade!) This must be your OWN ORIGINAL work – while you are doing research, it is not ok to simply copy and paste answers you find on websites. This is plagiarism and will receive a 0 for the assignment, and a trip to the dean of students.

  1. What are “child soldiers?” Where are they used, and by who (Government, militia, ect.)? (4 pts)
  2. How do these armies get children to obey and join the army? Why do they want or even prefer child soldiers? (4 pts)
  3. Why do some children “choose” to join the war? (3 pts)
  4. What kinds of tasks do child soldiers have to do? (3 pts)
  5. What preventive actions have the world and UN taken against the use of Child Soldiers? How is it working? (4 pts)
  6. Why is it so difficult to reintroduce child soldiers into “normal” society? (3 pts)
  7. What are Blood Diamonds, and how do they involve child soldiers? (3 pts)

Some websites to begin with for finding useful information:

Extra Credit: If you’re done early, go back and make your article visually appealing, you may receive up to 5 extra credit points



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Today we had a pop quiz over several topics. The bellwork was:
Type 1: Analyze what the image below is saying about the two different countries and their people.

We then took the “Pop” quiz. A heads up was given on yesterdays post about this quiz.  Four articles were analyzed for what their source was, what bias they had, what UDHR articles they violated, and how the issue presented could be resolved.


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Today we wrapped up our coverage for the week on Human Rights and the UDHR.  The bellwork was:

Type 1: Analyze what this quote by President Carter is saying, and why he would say it at this time.

“America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense human rights invented America”

-President Jimmy Carter, 1981 farewell address

We then watched a short clip on how Human Rights came to be.  It shows a brief history of human rights since 3000 B.C. This is the video

After this video we started a poster with a specific article from the UDHR.

The directions were:

Now that you have an understanding of the UDHR, you will be creating a poster explaining to others what they should know about human rights.  The poster has a few basic requirements to creating it. Please follow directions closely

1. You must create two visuals on your own that depict the topic which you are assigned.  (5 pts each)

2. You must have the article and put in your own terms (teen-speak.)  (5pts)

3. You must have WHY this article is important represented by your poster. (10pts)

4.You must have some reference to human rights history also on your poster BEFORE 1945.  Think about the video we used in class today (10 pts)

Free heads up for looking at the blog! Pop quiz tomorrow (9/21) on UDHR and other topics we have covered so far in the course. Be ready!


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Today we covered the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in further depth.  The bellwork was:
Type 1: Analyze the following poem.  What does it have to do with the UDHR?

The World We Live In…

Why all the fighting?
Why all the hate?
We’re all part of this world,
It should be safe.

It should be a good background
For our next generation.
No one should judge
Our color, language or religion.

As the Black eyed peas once sang “Where is the love”?,
Black, white, yellow and red.
We all have the same rights,
Its better alive than in war and people dead.

We’re all part of this world,
Together we shall stand.
All should be standing tall and proud,
Hand in hand.


After the poem, we read and analyzed an article from the New York Times about Chinese students being forced to work in factories assisting Apple in making the new iPhone 5.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE. You were asked to find four examples of human rights violations and how they tied into specific UDHR articles. Also, we used a list of the UDHR articles, and converting them from lawyer jargon to “teen speak.” CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKSHEET.

If these two assignments were not completed in class, they are your homework for tonight!