Posted: May 22, 2012 by mcculloughmg in Uncategorized
5-21-12 – How did the Fair Trade Fair go?  What were the good parts.  What parts would you change?  Do you like this type of “test”/assessment more than others?
5-22-12 –  React to 2010 sugar import list:
•Dominican Republic … US$100.8 million, up 185.4% (24.1%)
•Guatemala … $77.6 million, up 328.4% (18.6%)
•Brazil … $68.3 million, up 123.4% (16.3%)
•Mexico … $38 million, down 70.7% (9.1%)
•Philippines … $29.7 million, down 13.4% (7.1%)
Today we discussed the sugar trade in the Dominican Republic and the U.S. and Haitian involvement.  Slavery, human rights violations, fair/free trade among other issues were discussed.  Click here for discussion questions.

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