Posted: April 20, 2012 by mcculloughmg in Uncategorized
•Type I: How does propaganda influence society?
Today we worked in groups and finished our presentations for reducing our Carbon Footprint.
We jigsawed and presented our posters. As we watched other groups present, we completed this Type I:
•Type I: Name at least 5 different ways to limit our carbon footprint.
•Type I: Why is it important to limit our carbon footprint?
Our homework was:
•Over the weekend:
•Try to limit your carbon footprint over the weekend. In a TYPE II, describe what you did. Your Type II should have the following
–What you did to limit your Carbon Footprint
–How this directly impacted the environment
–Was this hard/easy?
–Will you continue to do this throughout your life?
One of the groups from 2nd hour chose to make a video:

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