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Type I: Would you rather shop somewhere and spend extra money knowing you were helping your economy and not promoting child labor or save money and shop somewhere that outsourced? Why?


Today we read a Globalization Reading packet and discussed the following questions:

•1. What evidence can you find of U.S. imports in the room around you (from the clothing you are wearing to objects in the classroom)? What do you know about conditions for workers in the countries where these items were made? How could you find out?
•2. Millions of workers around the world labor under terrible conditions. Why are they so terrible?
•3. Do you agree with Rosenberg that the Chilean taxi driver is better off working in a chicken-processing plant? with Kristof that the young Cambodian woman would be better off working in a sweatshop? Why or why not?
•4. Why don’t the women working under miserable conditions in apparel factories in Bangladesh simply quit?
We then watched a documentary on Nike and discussed how Nike influences globalization
Our homework was to read and complete the questions for the Globalization Packet #3

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