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Type I:  React to the images below

Crazy day with one class being canceled.  2nd hour make sure you have the below questions done!

“Invisible Children:  Discover the Unseen”
Type IIs
1.Could you do what our filmmakers did?  What cause would bring you to such an adventure?
2.Describe in a minimum of 4 sentences what the filmmakers witnessed in Uganda.
3.What do the film makers ask you to do at the end of the film?
Homework:  Prove you did one thing they asked tomorrow or write a paragraph on why you didn’t.

Assembly Kony 2012 part 2

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Going to the assembly tomorrow…want a preview?  Check out the video below:

4-26-12 Child Soldiers

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Type I: React
Today we watched a vignette about child soldiers and debated the meaning behind the director creating it in such a way.  Our discussion questions about the film which we completed in a type II:
1.What feelings and thoughts do our child soldiers seemingly have during our film?
2.Give a minimum of 3 examples our notes from yesterday in action in the film.
3.Why does our film end in this way?  What message is it trying to portray?

4-25-12 Child Soliders

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Type I – react to the images below:

What are stereotypes that come to mind when you think of child soldiers?

Today, we took notes about the Global Issue of child soldiers and tried to debunk stereotypes and myths.

•The global issue of child soldiers can be linked to many other global issues.  What global issues CAUSE children to be used as pawns in conflict?  What global issues RESULT after children are used in conflict?

4-24-12 BP Oil Spill

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Type I:  React to the cartoon below.  Also, how does it compare to the story of The Lorax?
After proofing our type IIIs  we watched a video clip about the BP oil spill and discussed if it was propaganda or just a list of facts:
We then worked on an analyzing political cartoon assignment.  Click here for a copy.    You must complete a minimum of 5 cartoon analyzations for homework.


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Type I:

What are 5 observations or comparisons you can make from the below infograph?
Today we watched a Frontline documentary on the BP Oil Spill and filled out this worksheet. Our homework was the Type III:

TYPE III (on a separate piece of paper skipping lines) –

Do We Need a “Death Penalty” for Negligent Oil Companies?


1.  A strong thesis UNDERLINED and not first sentence of essay (5 pts)

2.  2 strong details (from our film or another source) numbered in the margin (10pts)

3.  Proper capitalization and punctuation (5pts)


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•Type I: How does propaganda influence society?
Today we worked in groups and finished our presentations for reducing our Carbon Footprint.
We jigsawed and presented our posters. As we watched other groups present, we completed this Type I:
•Type I: Name at least 5 different ways to limit our carbon footprint.
•Type I: Why is it important to limit our carbon footprint?
Our homework was:
•Over the weekend:
•Try to limit your carbon footprint over the weekend. In a TYPE II, describe what you did. Your Type II should have the following
–What you did to limit your Carbon Footprint
–How this directly impacted the environment
–Was this hard/easy?
–Will you continue to do this throughout your life?
One of the groups from 2nd hour chose to make a video:


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What is this cartoon trying to say?
Today we took notes on Global Warming and then broke into groups of 3. With these groups, we began creating posters:
•In groups, you will create a poster to promote the reduction of our Carbon Footprint. Your poster must contain a graphic(5 points) and slogan(5 points). Your group must also prepare to present your poster in a creative way(10 points). EVERYONE must participate in this presentation.
•All groups must take on a role:
–Artist: In charge of drawing the graphic
–Writer: In charge of writing the slogan and script/idea for your presentation
–Director: In charge of creating the presentation

Well Done 2nd Hour Global Issues

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Everyone working hard at the same time!  Nice job 🙂


4-18-12 The Lorax and Enviromentalism

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Type I: What is this image trying to say?  (consider our KWL from yesterday)

Today we reviewed our KWL information from yesterday about causes and effects of deforestation.  Today we are going to further that knowledge and enhance that which focus on environmental issues as presented in Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax”  Please click here for guiding principals as posed in the story along with the project due tomorrow.