Posted: March 30, 2012 by mrotgers in Uncategorized

Type I: Where do we see bullying on a global level? How can you prevent bullying in Loy Norrix? Are you honestly willing to step up, speak out, and defend another stranger?

Today we looked at bullying and how it affects us at Loy Norrix. We then looked at global bullying and how other countries or groups of people can be bullied.

Our homework over break was to:

•Over break, step out of your comfort zone.
–Stick up for 1 person you see being bullied
–In a Type II answer the following
•Who did you stick up for?
•Why were they being bullied?
•What did you do?
•What did the aggressor do?
•How can this be related a global level?
-How did it feel to stick up for this person?

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