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Type I: Where do we see bullying on a global level? How can you prevent bullying in Loy Norrix? Are you honestly willing to step up, speak out, and defend another stranger?

Today we looked at bullying and how it affects us at Loy Norrix. We then looked at global bullying and how other countries or groups of people can be bullied.

Our homework over break was to:

•Over break, step out of your comfort zone.
–Stick up for 1 person you see being bullied
–In a Type II answer the following
•Who did you stick up for?
•Why were they being bullied?
•What did you do?
•What did the aggressor do?
•How can this be related a global level?
-How did it feel to stick up for this person?


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Type I: As you watch CNN student news, write down the issues that talk about Human Rights.


Today we worked on posters for Human rights. Chose one Human Right and create a poster.

•Posters Must have
–Picture/Graphic—(3 points)
–Slogan—(3 points)
–Why your Human Right is important to ALL humans—(3 points)


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Bellwork: Type I: What is your definition of Human Rights? What are some examples of Human Rights?


Today we began learning about Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To help us understand the different Human Rights,we watched a couple videos and discussed them in class.




Here is a video that helps us understand what the UDHR can translate into


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Bellwork: Listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics sheet. Circle any Global Issues.


Today we interviewed different students about the Global Issue that they researched. We used this sheet to help guide our thinking. Our homework was to complete a Type III:


Which Global Issue deserves the Helping Hand Grant money?
–You must explain why the Global Issue deserves the Grant Money and compare it to the other Global Issues you learned about. Include strong details.
–Strong UNDERLINED thesis-(10 pts)
–4 CIRCLED strong details- (8 pts)
–Proper punctuation-(7 pts)
•This should be 1 Page, front and back. Skipping Lines.


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Type I: How do you think you will earn your volunteer hours (15), this semester? What ideas do you have and who can you help?

Mr. Rotgers Will Be Collecting Bellwork!


Principal Edwards has been given $10,000 to back a Loy Norrix World Helping Hand Grant.  This grant money will go to a Loy Norrix group to help them raise awareness (educate) about a Global Issue and will allow them to work toward improving life for those affected.  Your task is to prove why the Global Issue you have chosen is fitting for the funds as well as explaining what the money will be spent on. In addition, you must use to find a scholarly source to back up your opinion.

Please fill out this form as you research your global issue


Link to choose your global issue.

Make sure your global issue is cleared with Mr. Rotgers. If it is not, you will not be given credit for the assignment. Mr. Rotgers MUST approve your Global Issue. Not everyone can do the same issue. Up to ONLY 3 people may choose the same issue.


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Type I: What is this cartoon trying to say


Today we looked at a few examples of global issues and reminded ourselves what a global issues was.


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Type I:

If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?  Why?
Today we discussed and learned what makes something a global issue.
•What makes something a global issue?
–Persists or is long-acting
–Is transnational or tansboundary
–Affects large numbers of people
–Is an underlying cause of events
–Is connected to other issues that meet these criteria


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Type I: <– What is this cartoon trying to say? How does it make you feel and why?


Type I: What is this cartoon trying to say about gas and oil companies?


Today we took our pretest and then went over our community service hours. Please click tab in heading if you need additional information about community service.


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Welcome to our first day of class. Today we went through the syllabus and get to know you sheets. The Get To Know You sheet and signed syllabus are both due tomorrow.