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Today we looked at the controversy surrounding the global issue of HIV/AIDS.  From poorly calibrated tests to big research firms to pharmaceutical companies what may be the real culprit to this disease.  We analyzed the film “House of Numbers” utilizing these discussion questions.

In preparation for our final exam we also received a study guide of big ideas to help you focus your review.  Click here for a copy.



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Today we presented our group work on the global issue of health in our specific area of the earth.  Great job on many of the presentations including some convincing “fakebook” pages and raps/poems!  Grades for these projects should be updated by Monday.  Utilizing the information you gathered from other projects please complete the 3 questions below for homework in a minimum of 3 complete sentences each:


1.What are the 3 areas of the world you are most concerned about and why?
2.Name 3 ways that world health issues are being fixed/addressed and where they are happening.
3.What are 3 other global issues that influence, or are leveraged by, world health concerns?



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Today we talked about the Global Issues surrounding World Health.  We concentrated on TB, Malaria, and AIDS.
You had time to begin your homework which is one part of the assignment below. (CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE WHERE INFORMATION FOR YOUR COUNTRY CAME FROM)
Each group member must do one of the following for their nation given:
1.Create a short bulleted paragraph of health issues and how they are being addressed (5Ws)
2.Draw visual of steps taken to address the health issues in your part of the world (Who is doing what for whom?)
3.Create a song and/or lyrics addressing what is happening in your country. (Message out)
4.Create a fake FB page complete with discussions, “likes”, friends, events, etc.


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What are some world health issues today?
Today, we looked at world health global issues and concentrated on AIDS epidemic primarily in Africa.

Pretend you are an orphan from Africa. Your parents have died from AIDS. Remember that video clip that we watched, as a class. Write a 2 paragraph journal entry describing your life and how it connects to the global issues that ripple out to the health issue of AIDS.


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Today we shared our Movements and used a Peer Critique to assess the validity of these movements.  Good plans?  Would it work?  Flowing steps?

Then we reflected about or need for global movements in a piece of writing to be completed for homework:


Please answer the following question:
“Should global citizens pursue an international movement?  Why or why not?”
FCAs (listed at the top of the paper)
1.Thesis statement (Not starting with Yes, No or I) (5pts)
2. 3 numbered, supporting details. (9 pts)
3. Proper capitalization and punctuation (5pts)


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•Task:  Name 2 movements, their progression, how they popularized their movement, and were they successful?
After brainstorming what a movement is and how past ones have taken place we then created our own movements centered around global issues.  Click here for Global Issue Movement Assignment/Homework.


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Today we watched a series of videos about Arab Spring and the Worldwide Occupy movements.  We compared and contrasted them and talked about how movements take place and address global issues.


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Revolutions of action and thought today:

Arab Spring:  In the winter/spring of 2011 (and still occurring as of today) many nations of the Middle East experienced a revolution of thought, action and governments.  Please use the links below and answer the questions that follow:

1.  What are the 5Ws of the Arab Spring?

2.  How would you explain the Arab Spring to a 5 year old?

3.  Should you care?  Why or why not?

Occupy Movement:  Some say the Occupy movement started with Arab Spring.  Others say it began on Wall Street in September 2011.  Regardless of its beginning what is it?  Use the following links to answer the questions.

1.  What are the 5Ws of the Occupy Movement?

2.  Should you care?  Why or why not?

3.  Where is the Occupy Movement happening?  Where in the U.S.?  Where Internationally?

Arab  Spring and Comparison to Occupy (Wall Street) Movements: Compare and contrast the Occupy movements in the U.S. and around the world to the Arab spring in a minimum of 4 sentences in a TYPE II, double spaced paragraph.  Utilize the site below as well as your own notes from above.

Record and Respond:  Choose 8 of the young voices at the Occupy Movement in NYC and record their feelings (who are they, why are they there and what do they want?)  Then react to them.  What would you say if you were face-to-face with one of them?  What would you ask?  Would you agree or disagree and why?

Occupy Opinion:  Finally, visit the Occupy Wiki and search for interesting facts, happenings and news from this site.  Record 10 interesting things you found on this site and then react to them.   Do you agree with the movement?  Disagree?  Is there a Occupy movement in Kalamazoo if you were interested?

11-7-11 and 11-8-11

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We have been watching the film “Who killed the Electric Car” this week to address the global issue of both alternative energy and corporate intrusion in governmental decision making both here in the U.S. and internationally.

Click here for movie discussion questions.

Click here for our in class group quiz over electric cars.