Posted: October 28, 2011 by mcculloughmg in Uncategorized
1.Have alternative energy assignment on desk.
2.Read out loud and make corrections (these will count!)
3.Be prepared to share writing with others.
Today we discussed the benefits of proofing information out loud.  We took a chance to proof our work and then presented it to groups.  Discussion ensued with a focus on what your “city council” group of 4 thought would be a the best alternative method for Kalamazoo.  You completed some basic questions as a group and then began to look at your TYPE III homework:
The mayor of Kalamazoo has asked his constituents to respond to the question:  “Should Kalamazoo focus some of its taxes on creating an alternative energy plant?”  Respond in a (2 pg double spaced) letter:
1.Clear thesis/topic of letter in introduction (5pts)
2.3 #’ed pros OR cons about alt. energy (15pts)
3.Proper punctuation (5pts)

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