Posted: October 18, 2011 by mcculloughmg in Uncategorized

Brief Midterm Quiz checking your understanding and notes from the first 6 weeks of class.

Please get out an orange “State of the World Atlas” and answer the following questions:
1.How is  this atlas different that others you may have used?
2.How is the atlas organized?
3.What global issues do you find in this atlas?
Today we reviewed our notes and topics from the first 6 weeks of class by looking at charts, tables and maps of our topics of population, human rights, warfare (child soldiers), energy consumption among other areas.  Utilizing your notes and review materials, you will take a 13 question quiz over the main topics we have studied so far.  The check is both  you and I to see how we are doing the first 6 weeks with our understanding of Global Issues.

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