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 Can you help the Guinard family to make ends meet and get ahead in their poverty-stricken homeland, Haiti? In this sometimes tragic and always challenging simulation game, you help the parents, Jean and Marie, and their children, Patrick, Jacqueline, and Yves, make decisions about work, education, community building, personal purchases, and health care that might brighten their future.

STEP 1:  Mute your computer

STEP 2:  Click here, choose education as your goal and play Ayiti

STEP 3:  Please answer these Type II questions in complete sentences and double spaced.

1. What was the game about and how would you describe it to a friend?

2. Which primary objective did you select, and why? (Get several answers.)

3. What types of decisions did you have to make about the family members while playing the game and trying to achieve your objective?

4. What strategies did you use? For example, did you combine work and school, or did you send everyone to work? Which worked? Which did not?

5. Why would/should parents choose to devote so much effort to sending their children to school?

6. What obstacles did you face in trying to keep them healthy, happy and educated?

7. How do the situations and options in the game compare with those in your own community?

8. Why might access to education be a challenge in another country?

9. What factors would make it easier for the children in the game to gain access to education? What conditions could be changed and how?

 *If done early please play again with a different goal (health, happiness, or money)*



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1.Have alternative energy assignment on desk.
2.Read out loud and make corrections (these will count!)
3.Be prepared to share writing with others.
Today we discussed the benefits of proofing information out loud.  We took a chance to proof our work and then presented it to groups.  Discussion ensued with a focus on what your “city council” group of 4 thought would be a the best alternative method for Kalamazoo.  You completed some basic questions as a group and then began to look at your TYPE III homework:
The mayor of Kalamazoo has asked his constituents to respond to the question:  “Should Kalamazoo focus some of its taxes on creating an alternative energy plant?”  Respond in a (2 pg double spaced) letter:
1.Clear thesis/topic of letter in introduction (5pts)
2.3 #’ed pros OR cons about alt. energy (15pts)
3.Proper punctuation (5pts)


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Scroll down and read the entire entry to see what is expected of you and return to the top when you are ready to go!  This assignment should be fun, but I expect GREAT things from you.

Follow directions carefully to be successful in your report to the City Commission (also known as Mr. McCullough). Keep in mind that you have two lab periods in which to complete this assignment, so make sure you use your time wisely! You may also work on this assignment outside of class…as long as you turn in the required work by the beginning of class on Friday.

The Task

Your task is to research and determine which of the four sources of alternative energy you believe would be the most feasible in Kalamazoo County and to prepare a report for the City Commission.  Your report may be in written in poster format, or Powerpoint but you must answer all parts of the study to receive credit.

*** All references must be cited.

The Process ***

Step 1 :

Write a brief summary of the four proposed types of alternative energy.  Include at least 2 pros and cons for each type.  Make sure it is double spaced. 20 pts

Step 2:

Identify, in paragraph form, which of the four you feel is the most appropriate for Kalamazoo County and why.

(Paragraph is a minimum of 5-7 sentences)

10 pts

Step 3:

Propose a location for the plant.  Include the reasons why you feel this is an appropriate location and include maps for reference.


10 pts

Step 4:

Identify the chemical or physical changes involved in the energy production of your plant (trace how energy is transferred from one form to another).  Visuals highly encouraged.

EXAMPLE – How does wind become electricity?

10 pts

Step 5:

Answer one of  the Critical Thinking Questions on the Conclusion Page in a minimum of 1 page. Extra Credit(10pts)
*** Site all references!!!

 Resources (to get started)

General Renewable Energy Sources Sites Hydroelectric
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology EREN – Hydropower 
US Department of Energy – Clean Energy Basics Power Matters: Hydroelectric Power
Rezachek & Associates Energy and Environmental Resources Facts About Hydropower
Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources NREL – Hydroelectric Power
Energy Topics A to Z Hydroelectric Power
Learning about Renewable Energy
Solar Biomass
Alternative Fuels Data Center: Solar American Bioenergy Association
EREN – Solar Energy Waste-to-Energy Plants
Solar Electric Power Association American Ref-fuel
American Solar Energy Society Biomass Energy Research Association
Solar Energy Industries Association National Biofuels Program
Wind Energy Barlow Projects: Waste to Energy Solutions
Wind Technology
National Wind Technology Center
Wind Power Monthly News Magazine
Wind Power in Iowa
Guided Tour on Wind Energy

Conclusion – Critical Thinking Questions

Choose one of the following questions.


Do you think that the Kalamazoo/United States should invest in one/several renewable, alternative  energy sources?  Why or why not?


If the United States did develop an efficient alternative energy source, how do you think that it would effect the governments interest in the conflicts of the Middle East?

*** All references must be cited.


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Today we did a pop quiz (most of you did a great job!) over fossil fuel energy and fracking.  We then took notes over alternative renewable energies and their pros and cons.


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•Please take out writing from Friday on “GASLAND”
•Review the bottom homework portion.
•Question of the day:  Did the film surprise you?  Did you share anything learned from the film with friends or family?
EXTRA CREDIT:  Write a letter to the editor to the Kalamazoo Gazette and/or Knight Life about the issues surrounding Fracking and global environmental issues.  See Gasland website for help!


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Today we “mined for non renewable resources” and then explored how our activity mirrored our loss of these resources.  The reactions of the 3rd and 4th group of “miners” was spot on with how the real world is reacting to the limited amount resources remaining!

Homework and activity


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Where did the power that pushes this image come from?


Today we took some notes on fossil fuels, and watched the above video.  See Mr. M or a classmate for a copy of our notes about oil, coal and natural gas.


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•Please take out notes/assignments and review sheet from yesterday.
•Review these materials.
•We will play a quick study game to help us prepare for our quiz.
Today we took a brief  (13 question) midterm quiz to gauge our understanding of global issues.  We also took brief notes on energy/consumption/and renewable energy.


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Brief Midterm Quiz checking your understanding and notes from the first 6 weeks of class.

Please get out an orange “State of the World Atlas” and answer the following questions:
1.How is  this atlas different that others you may have used?
2.How is the atlas organized?
3.What global issues do you find in this atlas?
Today we reviewed our notes and topics from the first 6 weeks of class by looking at charts, tables and maps of our topics of population, human rights, warfare (child soldiers), energy consumption among other areas.  Utilizing your notes and review materials, you will take a 13 question quiz over the main topics we have studied so far.  The check is both  you and I to see how we are doing the first 6 weeks with our understanding of Global Issues.


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Child Soldier Homework