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Name:______________________________________  Date:_______________________ Hr:_______________

Directions (click here to get Microsoft Word copy) You are members of a human rights interest group that works to combat human rights violations around the world.  Many people in the United States are not aware of how other countries routinely kill, torture, and otherwise abuse their citizens.  To gather more support for your cause, you are going to create a pamphlet outlining the courses of action that people should take to fight against human rights abuses.

Question to consider:

What actions should United States citizens, the United States government, and the United Nations take to combat human rights violations around the world?

Where do I begin?

Now what?

Use the template below (or create your own with the same categories) you will put together a pamphlet/brochure creating support and awareness for your cause.  Each category is worth 2 points for a total of 20pts for this project.  You will also be sharing this project with classmates tomorrow in hopes of gaining support for your cause.

Name of Human Interest Group:Human Rights Violation:

Dates of violation:

Basic geography/location of violation:

Important history and leaders of violation:Which Universal Declaration of Human Rights is being violated: Course of action that U.S. citizens should take to help:Course of action that the U.S. government should take to help:

Course of action that the United Nations should take to help:

Description of one human rights violation in the past that has been effectively resolved using one of your courses of action:


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