5-31-11 (Frsh-Jrs)

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Explore the Middle East Project




A local TV station wants to create a new series about countries around the world.  Your team has been given the job to investigate the Middle East.  You will be given a country within the Middle East region.  Then you will need to research and organize a presentation highlighting the culture and history of that country.




The Task


Your task is to organize your information into a Power Point presentation for a country in the Middle East.  It is your job to sell your country making it as interesting and inviting as possible while also being honest about their challanges.  You will research the country’s culture, history, geography, economy, government, global issues and places of interests.  In addition to the Power Point presentation, you will need to create a “quick fact sheet” about your country.





  1. First you will be assigned a country.  The possible countries are as follows:


Bahrain                          Jordan                  Saudi Arabia

Cyprus                           Kuwait                  Syria

Iran                                Lebanon               Turkey

Iraq                                 Oman                             United Arab Emirates

Israel                              Qatar                    Yemen


  1. Your presentation should include the following elements:


  1. Title – name of country/flag
  2. Geography – small outline of country and capital city also include geographic features (land and water forms) (10pts)
  3. Government – type, current leader, etc. (10pts)
  4. Climate – average temperature, rainfall, etc. (10pts)
  5. Economy – products and services provided, currency, average income, etc. (10pts)
  6. History timeline of major historical events  – from early civilizations to the present (10pts)
  7. Culture and Arts – language, housing foods, religion, holidays, traditional and modern art and/or music (10pts)
  8. Places of Interests – landmarks, tourist attractions, monuments, etc. (10pts)
  9. Minimum one global issue facing your nation and a possible “fix” for this challenge (30pts)

Internet resources


Country Reports


At this site you can search a country alphabetically.  Each country includes a general profile, background notes, history, flags, national anthem and lyrics, maps, and related links.


Mr. Dowling’s Electronic Passport


This site developed by Mr. Dowling, a middle school teacher, is a resource for learning more about other countries and cultures of the world.  It includes information on the history, geography, religions, culture, and conflicts of the Middle East.


CIA World Fact Book


This site includes information on every major country including its people, government, geography, economy, transportation, and much more.


History in the News:  The Middle East


The Department of History at New York’s University at Albany has compiled a collection of briefly annotated resources about the Middle East.  The culture section includes art, architecture, language, and food links.


Federal Reserve Division:  Country Studies


Developed by the Federal Research division of the Library of Congress this site includes tons of information about countries around the world.  Each country listing includes detailed information about the country’s education, religion, economics, government, health, and history.



Timeline Generator


Use this site to create your timeline of historical events.  Your timeline should include a minimum of 7 events.







Organize your information to create a Power Point presentation, timeline.  There is a 15 slide minimum and the last slide should include works cited.  Be ready to present to the class on Thursday




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