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5-31-11 (Frsh-Jrs)

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Explore the Middle East Project




A local TV station wants to create a new series about countries around the world.  Your team has been given the job to investigate the Middle East.  You will be given a country within the Middle East region.  Then you will need to research and organize a presentation highlighting the culture and history of that country.




The Task


Your task is to organize your information into a Power Point presentation for a country in the Middle East.  It is your job to sell your country making it as interesting and inviting as possible while also being honest about their challanges.  You will research the country’s culture, history, geography, economy, government, global issues and places of interests.  In addition to the Power Point presentation, you will need to create a “quick fact sheet” about your country.





  1. First you will be assigned a country.  The possible countries are as follows:


Bahrain                          Jordan                  Saudi Arabia

Cyprus                           Kuwait                  Syria

Iran                                Lebanon               Turkey

Iraq                                 Oman                             United Arab Emirates

Israel                              Qatar                    Yemen


  1. Your presentation should include the following elements:


  1. Title – name of country/flag
  2. Geography – small outline of country and capital city also include geographic features (land and water forms) (10pts)
  3. Government – type, current leader, etc. (10pts)
  4. Climate – average temperature, rainfall, etc. (10pts)
  5. Economy – products and services provided, currency, average income, etc. (10pts)
  6. History timeline of major historical events  – from early civilizations to the present (10pts)
  7. Culture and Arts – language, housing foods, religion, holidays, traditional and modern art and/or music (10pts)
  8. Places of Interests – landmarks, tourist attractions, monuments, etc. (10pts)
  9. Minimum one global issue facing your nation and a possible “fix” for this challenge (30pts)

Internet resources


Country Reports


At this site you can search a country alphabetically.  Each country includes a general profile, background notes, history, flags, national anthem and lyrics, maps, and related links.


Mr. Dowling’s Electronic Passport


This site developed by Mr. Dowling, a middle school teacher, is a resource for learning more about other countries and cultures of the world.  It includes information on the history, geography, religions, culture, and conflicts of the Middle East.


CIA World Fact Book


This site includes information on every major country including its people, government, geography, economy, transportation, and much more.


History in the News:  The Middle East


The Department of History at New York’s University at Albany has compiled a collection of briefly annotated resources about the Middle East.  The culture section includes art, architecture, language, and food links.


Federal Reserve Division:  Country Studies


Developed by the Federal Research division of the Library of Congress this site includes tons of information about countries around the world.  Each country listing includes detailed information about the country’s education, religion, economics, government, health, and history.



Timeline Generator


Use this site to create your timeline of historical events.  Your timeline should include a minimum of 7 events.







Organize your information to create a Power Point presentation, timeline.  There is a 15 slide minimum and the last slide should include works cited.  Be ready to present to the class on Thursday




Senior Final

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Senor final


The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all of the world’s leading development institutions. They have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world’s poorest.


1.  Read the Millennium Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations.  Click on red tabs for each Goal.

2.  Select one of the following world regions.  Work must represent the entire region.  Within the region you must deeply explore 2 countries of your choice.

Middle East Central America/Caribbean
North Africa Sub Saharan Africa

One helpful resource The CIA World Fact Book (Provides facts compiled by country and region)

3.  Select three different global issues from the list below:

– Environmental Pollution/Sustainability

–  Overpopulation

–  Refugees

–  Spread of disease

–  Education/children and gender equality

– Ethnic conflict

4.  Task – Using PowerPoint, or a comparable presentation tool please complete the following:

1.  (35pts)  Using the three Global Issues selected from the list above, identify specific examples of global challenges facing your chosen region/countries.  Research and gather information as to the causes of these problems within chosen countries especially.  Visuals and bulleted information required in presentation.
2.  (35pts):  Compile a list of legitimate ideas as to how the Millennium Goals could be achieved within your countries and region. Focus must be on the 3 Global Issues you selected as they relate to the  Millennium Goals.  Please clearly state which MDGs you are addressing and how.

3.  (30pts): Write a one page (double spaced) paper detailing your feelings about the likelihood of the United Nations and the World fixing Global Issues addressed in the MDGs by 2015 as hoped.  Must include examples from your research.



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1.Analyze documents and highlight/underline key people, places and global issues.  Suggested you split up your packet.
2.Create a group “graffiti” poster of pictures, words symbols etc which explain the turmoil in the Middle East. Fill the paper!
3.Complete questions 1-4 at the back of your packet and choose one of the “future implications” questions to answer.  You may work together but everyone needs to write the answers.


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•Using your homework, please share your summaries in small groups (2-3 students).
•Attach a list of what you think are the main Global Issues (minimum 3) taking place in the Middle East.


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The problems in the Middle East are considered a Global Issue because they have spread to concerns for the world.
What are 4 facts you know about the middle east?
•Find 5 articles in “The Week” or “Upfront” that deal with the middle east.
•Write a 10% summary (including the 5 W’s) on the article.
•Your summaries may NOT contain more that 5 consecutive words from the articles.
•Finish by citing the article in APA:
Author, A. A., Author, B. B. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages.


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Today we proof read our projects out loud and then acted as Kalamazoo City Council members in pitching and debating alternative energy for our area.

As an assessment we did a Type III John Collins writing on alternative energy:

The mayor of Kalamazoo has asked his constituents to respond to the question:  “Should Kalamazoo focus some of its taxes on creating an alternative energy plant?”  Respond in a (2 pg double spaced) letter:
1.Clear thesis/topic of letter in introduction (5pts)
2.3 #’ed pros/cons about alt. energy (15pts)
3.Proper punctuation (5pts)


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Scroll down the screen to see what is expected of you and return to the top when you are ready to go! This assignment should be fun, but I expect GREAT things from you. Follow directions carefully to be successful in your report to the Commission (also known as Mr. McCullough). Keep in mind that you have two lab periods in which to complete this assignment, so make sure you use your time wisely! You may also work on this assignment outside of class…as long as you turn in the required work by the beginning of class on Friday.

The Task

Your task is to research and determine which of the four sources of alternative energy power plant you believe would be the most feasible in Kalamazoo County and to prepare a report for the Commission.  Your report may be in written in poster format, or Powerpoint but you must answer all parts of the study to receive credit.

The Process ***

Step 1 :

Write a brief summary of the four proposed types of alternative energy.  Include at least 2 pros and cons for each type. 20 pts

Step 2:

Identify, in paragraph form, which of the four you feel is the most appropriate for Kalamazoo County and why. 10 pts

Step 3:

Propose a location for the plant.  Include the reasons why you feel this is an appropriate location and include maps for reference. 10 pts

Step 4:

Identify the chemical or physical changes involved in the energy production of your plant (trace how energy is transferred from one form to another).  Visuals highly encouraged. 10 pts

Step 5:

Answer one of  the Critical Thinking Questions on the Conclusion Page in a minimum of 1 page. Extra Credit


*** Site all references!!!

 Resources (to get started)

General Renewable Energy Sources Sites Hydroelectric
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology EREN – Hydropower 
US Department of Energy – Clean Energy Basics Power Matters: Hydroelectric Power
Rezachek & Associates Energy and Environmental Resources Facts About Hydropower
Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources NREL – Hydroelectric Power
Energy Topics A to Z Hydroelectric Power
Learning about Renewable Energy
Solar Biomass
Alternative Fuels Data Center: Solar American Bioenergy Association
EREN – Solar Energy Waste-to-Energy Plants
Solar Electric Power Association American Ref-fuel
American Solar Energy Society Biomass Energy Research Association
Solar Energy Industries Association National Biofuels Program
Wind Energy Barlow Projects: Waste to Energy Solutions
Wind Technology
National Wind Technology Center
Wind Power Monthly News Magazine
Wind Power in Iowa
Guided Tour on Wind Energy

Conclusion – Critical Thinking Questions

Choose one of the following questions.


Do you think that the United States should invest in one/several renewable, alternative  energy sources?  Why or why not?


If the United States did develop an efficient alternative energy source, how do you think that it would effect the governments interest in the conflicts of the Middle East?

*** All references must be cited.


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1.What is “fracking”?
2.What are two examples of fossil fuel “accidents” in the state of Michigan in the last 2 years?
3.Name two dangers associated with fracking.
4.What is the name of the government agency meant to protect the U.S. environment?
5.What alternatives are there to the use of fossil fuel?
Today we took notes on renewable energy and prepared for tomorrow’s webquest.    We also received this handout on renewable energy.

Fair Trade – Extra Credit

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“Mr. McCulllough you’re one talks about fair trade here in Kalamazoo…”

Wanna bet?  You’re not the only ones.  Go be an expert and visit this “Fair Food Matter” experience for extra credit.  Just prove you were there!


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Read and took notes on this packet.