4-27 and 4-28 Project

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Fair Trade is an international business strategy that gives farmers and artisans in the developing world a system to enter their products into the global marketplace and be assured of a fair price and fair labor practices while encouraging sustainable environmental practices. Certification through Fair Trade organizations gives small business owners in developing countries a voice in the international trade community and helps them develop relationships with other businesses and consumers alike.http://www.b-fair.net/?p=864


Utilizing your learning about human rights and fair trade, your task is to create an advertising campaign to encourage the students and families of Loy Norrix to buy free trade products.  Your items created will be presented in a 2ft X 2ft space in our classroom on Friday, April 29.

Your campaign must include all of the following:

1.  2 catchy slogans that will make people at least think about changing their buying habits.  Think rhymes and/or powerful messages that people want to repeat.  These must be underlined and may be included in another step. (5pts)

2.  A character that both kids and adults will empathize with and will want to support.  Give this character a name and look and use them throughout your advertising campaign.   They could also be a real life person involved in fair trade.  (5pts)

3.  2 posters that could be hung inside or near supermarkets where many purchase decisions are made.  Eye catching clear visuals for those who do not read as well are a must.    Make sure they know what “fair trade” is a how to look for it!  Also see # 1 and 2. (5pts)

4.  A jingle/song/rap of at least 6 lines that can be played on the radio.  You do not have to record the song but must have lyrics present in your campaign.  Again including # 1 and 2 might be a good idea to include. (5pts)

5.  A specific fair trade product as an example and the story of how that product gets to the consumer in a fair manner Tell the story of the product and all producers involved. (5pts)

All of your advertising must meet the following criteria:

(a) Meaningful – customers should find the message relevant to the lives of the Loy Norrix family.

(b) Distinctive – capture the customer’s attention and be unique.

(c) Believable – a difficult task since research suggests most consumers doubt the truth of advertising, so make it clear and realistic.



EXTRA CREDIT –  Write a short letter to the editor that can be put into our school newspaper, Knight Life, encouraging everyone to buy fair trade products and how they can become involved in the fair trade movement. (5pts)

***All items must be put into a display that can be placed in a 2ft by 2ft table space in class on Friday, April 29th.***

Websites that may be useful:







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