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Overpopulation and Its Results: A Webquest

(Click title for downloadable copy of this lesson)

All lessons today contain sound.  Please mute your computer, request headphones, or ask Mr. McCullough if you can use your own personal headphones.

Step 1:  Against All Odds – Refugees

Issues such as depletion of resources, crowding, cultural warfare are often the consequences of overpopulation.  These problems can lead to people fleeing their native lands in search of freedom.  Complete the activity below to learn about and empathize with refugees.

(*You may want to “Yes! Register my game.” when asked if you are not quick at video games so you can complete it over two days*)

  • As you play the game stop after each section of 4 activities and record 5 sentences about what you have learned about refugees.  You may even want to stop after each mini game and add some notes which you can use to synthesize your learning.

War and Conflict – running from persecution

Border Country – can I say here?

A New Life – loss and challenge

Step 2: Slums

Due to overpopulation and humans movement to mostly cities, areas have been created that are full of dangerous pitfalls of life.  These areas are real and often put U.S. “ghettos” to sham.  Complete the activity below to learn about these places called slums.

  • Visit the website http://www.theplaceswelive.com/ and chose 2 of the 4 cities given on the map to explore.  Observe pictures and listen to at least 2 families talk about where they live as you use your cursor to look around their house.
  • As you gain knowledge of how overpopulation leads to slums please record thoughts below.

What is a slum?

What slums did I visit and what were some characteristics of each?



What did I learn about the people who live in slums?  What were their names and professions?



What can be done to eliminate slums (you may need to do additional research for this beyond our given website)?

Step 3: Demographics

In 1950, the term “population explosion” was unheard of, yet the conditions for runaway population growth were in place. Death rates in the developed world had plummeted, and those in the developing world were falling as well, while birthrates remained high. Today, demographic data continue to foretell dramatic changes ahead, though various countries have starkly different prospects. In this game, get a glimpse of the future for the U.S., Japan, Kenya, and India.

  • When finished please list 5 observations you can gather from the final chart and what each tells you about our world’s population.

5 Observation

STEP 4 – Earth in Peril

In this interactive, world maps reveal the human footprint on Earth’s water, air, climate, forests, and animal habitats. Examine geographical connections between population growth and environmental degradation across the globe.







Please print answers and hand into Mr. McCullough – If finished early please explore these links for your volunteering hours :






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