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CLICK HERE for directions and explanation on google docs.


Do Something.org

Volunteer Kalamazoo

Gen “Y” Cares top 10

2/25 – Project given/proposal template   (only day of work in the computer lab).

3/4 – A works cited page(minimum of 3 sources) and proposal is due (10pts).

3/7 – A rough draft of the project is due emailed or handed into Mr. McCullough (10pts).

3/11- Final project is due and “Social Movement” fair occurs (80pts).

Social Movement                                                        Name:_______________________
Research Proposal *                                                      Hr:_______

Topic of my Social Movement:___________________________________________________




*  Supporters- Attach Ideas to get supporters.

*Graphs or Charts:  Attach any graphs or charts you may have found at this point.

*Tentative List of References:  Attach your tentative list of references.

*DUE Friday March 4th 2011 by 5pm (paper or emailed copy)


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