2-2-11 and 2-3-11

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You must install the plug-in before beginning the game.   See complete directions below.

TASK 1: Important Terms – Please create a “word square” for each of the following terms. 

Relative poverty: This term describes when people’s way of life and income are so much worse than the general standard of living enjoyed by the majority in the country or region where they live. 

Inequality: Inequality describes how resources are distributed across the whole society. This gives an idea of 

the difference between average income, and what poor

and rich people earn and highlights how well countries

redistribute or share the income they produce.

Social exclusion: Social exclusion refers to the processes which push people to the edge of society, limiting their access to resources and opportunities and curtailing their participation in normal social and cultural life. 

Absolute/extreme poverty: This term describes people lacking the basic necessities for survival including lack of clean water, food, proper housing, medicines or sufficient clothing. 

Social inclusion: Social inclusion is a process which 

ensures that those at risk of poverty and social exclusion

gain the opportunities and resources necessary to

participate fully in economic, social and cultural life and

to enjoy a standard of living and well-being that is considered normal in the society in which they live.

TASK 2:  After (or during) completing the game with one character please answer the following questions-

1. What did you enjoy about the game?

2.  What were the solutions that improved your character’s well-being and helped you succeed in the game?

3.  What did you find difficult?

4.   What prevented you from achieving your goal more quickly?

5.   Were any parts of the gameplay frustrating?

6.   Was this frustration due to technical problems, lack of engagement, or do you think this element may have been purposefully built into the game to simulate an experience in reality?

7.   Can you relate to any of the experiences in the game?

TASK 3:  Recall the help services present in the PING game, and to identify the equivalent services in your country. The services that feature in the game are listed below:

Service What was this help service for? Equivalent in the United States?
Social Information Desk (SID) 


Public Housing Department (PHD) 


Healthcare Center for Everyone (HCE) 


Job Placement Services (JPS) 


Centre for Applied Educations (CAE) 



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