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Comment on this post with a 1 paragraph (minimum 4 compete sentences) by Monday, January 31st and you will receive 10 pts extra credit.  Your reaction must include a summary of the article and your opinion of the results.


  1. Jacob Stempky says:

    In “Skin Color Linked to Social Inequality in Contemporary Mexico, Study Shows”, the author writes on how skin color does have an impact on an individuals socioeconomic status. According to the article, depending on how dark a skin tone is has an effect on education, jobs, and so on. the author writes that “Respondents in the lowest occupational categories, such as domestic workers, manual workers, drivers and security guards, are much more likely to be in the dark-brown category and less likely to be in the white category than are respondents in the highest status occupations, such as office supervisors, professional workers and employers”. This study is very accurate in my opinion because I to have noticed this as well. I firmly believe it is because of discrimination, so I agree with Andres villarreal when he says “the fact that differences in occupational status across skin color categories cannot be fully explained by other factors, suggests that Mexicans with darker skin tones may in fact face discrimination in the labor market.”

  2. Allie Creamer says:

    This artical talked about how skin color affects you in school and the workplace. I saw a similar study on the Tyra Show. They had two women, a light skinned and a darker skined, walk around the mall and see how they were treated. The lighter women was treated better. It seems to me that society thinks the closer you are to white the better you are treated. I think its very unfair.

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