1-3-10 Welcome Back-Culture

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Today we got back into the swing of things by revisiting the idea of culture and answering the following questions:

What is your definition of culture?
How many cultures can you identify in this classroom?
We also took some notes on culture:
•The customs, traditions, beliefs and values that a group of people share.
•It includes language, what they do, eat, make, believe and how they dress.
•Groups that share these traits are called a cultural group.

Material culture – is tangible – it has a physical reality.
Non-material culture – are things that don’t have a physical reality, such as values, beliefs and religion.

•All cultures have a social structure.
•A way of organizing people into smaller groups.
•Each group has particular tasks.
•Tasks include protection, raising children, food, laws and teaching.

•The most important social unit of any culture is the family.
•The task of the family  is to teach children culture – the customs, traditions, values and ways of doing things.

•Patriarchy – cultures where men make most of the family decisions
•Matriarchy – cultures in which women have more authorities
Finally we discussed the Mosou culture of a remote part of China and completed a reading and activity.  CLICK HERE for the Mosou homework activity which relates to our notes.

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