Winter Break Extra Credit

Posted: December 23, 2010 by mcculloughmg in Uncategorized
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I’m finishing up your projects over this lovely winter break and realized I have not given you a chance to continue your learning.  Shame on me.  Your holiday present is to earn extra credit by doing the following:

Choose one of the following categories at THE CHINESE CULTURE (CLICK HERE FOR SITE) website and review 3 articles of your choosing.

Traditions Kaleidoscope Arts History Scenery Health Food Opera Architecture Literature Travel

Each review must include a link, title, category chosen and a 1 paragraph summary of your learning.

Reason for this culture lesson is that our class is going to get a chance to visit WMU and the Confucius Institute to learn more about another Chinese culture on Friday January 7th.  More information and permission slips will be handed out our first day back from break.

To recieve extra credit assignment must be emailed or handed into Mr. McCullough at our first class following winter break.  Enjoy your  last week and a half!

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