12-13-10 SNOW DAY!!!

Posted: December 13, 2010 by mcculloughmg in Uncategorized
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While you don’t HAVE to learn today you can get 10 pts extra credit if you read the following blog post and react to it by commenting on this post on our site.


Click the speech bubble in the upper right hand corner of this post and leave 2 sentence comment including your name for extra credit!

Due by Winter Break!


  1. Lucy says:

    I think he has a good point that snowdays are a good thing. Most of us work hard all week and sometimes even on the weekends so having an extra day off when the weather’s really bad doesnt hurt.

  2. Allie Creamer says:

    Why DO we work so hard?? It’s to much!(:
    I find it interesting that someone thought we would have a 2-hr work day by 2000.
    i WISH!

  3. J.Edwards says:

    While it’s not a social necessity, we must work hard to be considered successful by the rest of society. Even then, we don’t always meet the blurry standard of what is successful. Beyond that, we must work to be able to provide ourselves and our families (if you have children) with the things needed to survive, such as a house, food, etc. It’s also possible that people work because they simply need something to do. Generally, most people get bored just sitting around, so maybe people just want something productive to do to occupy their time.

  4. Maurice S. says:

    I think one of the main reasons people work so hard is because in today’s work people who put in a lot of work are appreciated, and people want so much that the only way for them to take care of their many needs, they need to work many hours to increase their pay.

  5. Leslie.A says:

    Going through a winter without a snow day is really impossible espicially in the state of Michigan. Who does not want a day off? After hard work , waking up everyday at 6:00 morning , sometime it’s best to sleep in. A day off won’t kill anyone.

  6. Ava Garrison says:

    Snow days are the only good thing about winter. Yes, the snow is pretty for a day or two, then it just gets annoying. Snow days are Mother Nature’s way of apologizing for winter.

    Besides, it takes much more than “the slightest whiff of snow” to warrant a snow day. I’ve driven to school on sheets of ice, and the word Snow Day wasn’t even whispered.

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