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I’m finishing up your projects over this lovely winter break and realized I have not given you a chance to continue your learning.  Shame on me.  Your holiday present is to earn extra credit by doing the following:

Choose one of the following categories at THE CHINESE CULTURE (CLICK HERE FOR SITE) website and review 3 articles of your choosing.

Traditions Kaleidoscope Arts History Scenery Health Food Opera Architecture Literature Travel

Each review must include a link, title, category chosen and a 1 paragraph summary of your learning.

Reason for this culture lesson is that our class is going to get a chance to visit WMU and the Confucius Institute to learn more about another Chinese culture on Friday January 7th.  More information and permission slips will be handed out our first day back from break.

To recieve extra credit assignment must be emailed or handed into Mr. McCullough at our first class following winter break.  Enjoy your  last week and a half!



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Today we handed in and presented our projects.  Good job one the one’s I got to look at today!  We also analyzed this project with the following questionsL

•What is best about your project?
•Most difficult?
•Would you like to present you findings to the class?  Why?
Finally we watched a clip of “Mean Girls” and analyzed an article by Sociologist Casey Borsch Ph D.  CLICK HERE for a copy of that article and assignment.
Over break do not forget your homework:
Winter Break Homework:

  1. Go to a public place that has many teenagers and observe their behavior for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Try hard not to interact with them during these 15 minutes! Record where you were, social classes, values, interactions (especially relation aggression), and how much/what kind interaction they have outside of their clique(s).

2.  Write a 1 page reaction (agree or disagree) to Dr. Borch’s ideas and findings about teenagers and cliques.  You must include

    1. data from your observations
    2. personal examples and experiences
    3. you may include fictional examples from our film.


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Today we reviewed our 3 big theories of sociology and the deep thinkers who originated them.  We also had a brief pop quiz over how our rules and student handbook would be looked at by a symbolic interaction type of sociologist.

We also shared our “Me at 7 and Me at 14” projects and learned about our classmates.

12-15-10 Reminders…

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Your Up 7 and Up14 assignment given last Thursday is due tomorrow (extended due to snow day)

Your Sociology Webquest/Presentation is due Friday.  Some students may be asked to share in class.  Please note that if you are doing something online you may post a link to  your project on the comment section of this blog post.


12-14-10 and 12-15-10

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CLICK HERE for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s activity.

Assignment due no later than Friday, December 17th.

12-13-10 SNOW DAY!!!

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While you don’t HAVE to learn today you can get 10 pts extra credit if you read the following blog post and react to it by commenting on this post on our site.


Click the speech bubble in the upper right hand corner of this post and leave 2 sentence comment including your name for extra credit!

Due by Winter Break!



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Today we opened with a reminder of you homework due Monday (Me at 7 and 14) and began watching a documentary which deals with sociological influence on the lives of people from 7-49.

CLICK HERE for the video questions we began on Fri (you will have time Monday to work on them too.

Below is an excerpt of the video:


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Today we dove deeper into a discussion about the 5 components of sociology especially culture.  We created posters of teen, American and Norrix culture and shared them with our classmates.

Your homework DUE MONDAY 12-13-10 was handed out today.  You are to complete the “Me at ages 7 and 14″ activity, both written and visual profile.

12-8-10 Sociology Explored

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Bellwork:  Name 5 things that shape your life?

Which do you have control of?  Which don’t you?

Today we explored into what makes up sociology and took the following notes:

Social Facts-

•Properties of life that shape and/or constrain the actions individuals can take.
•These are external even though individuals participate in them.
•Emile Durkheim – Late 1800s came up with idea as some things can’t be reduced to biology or psychology.
5 Key Concepts of Sociology
•Social Structure
•Social Action
•Functional Integration

Today we began to understand what sociology is.  We journaled on what we though sociology was and our place in the study of sociology.  We began to piece together that groups of people influence each other and few actions are done outside of social influence (use Hitler as an example)


Sociology – The study of human society, including actions and organization.
Science – Has central concepts to focus attention of research

Sociologists – look beyond individual psychology to the patterns.

A society is a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.
Sociological Imagination – The ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society.
Your homework was to complete our Socialogical Imagination Jay-Z activity, especially # 3 where you explain sociological imagination to someone else.